My Wife Is a Demon Queen

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Type: ONA

Plot Summary: Xiang Ye was a fairly ordinary young man; after happening upon a ring he finds himself summoned to another world by members of the Demon Tribe, including their queen, Isabella Osa. In an attempt to save their lives from the human armies, Xiang Ye claims that the, now greatly weakened, Isabella is his wife, Yei Bi. Now both must try to get stronger to survive in The Capital of the Human Tribe territory.

Other name: My Wife Is a Demon Queen, My Wife Is the Demon Queen, Wo Lao Po Shi Mo Wrang Da Ren, Wo Laopo Shi Mowrang Daren, Wǒ lǎopó shì mówáng dàrén, 我老婆是魔王大人, 이세계가 체질입니다

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen

Released: 2023

Status: Completed

My Wife Is a Demon Queen

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